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Larry Chiapelli, Owner
of Gramma's Gardens
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Jason, Co-Owner
and faithful cat
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  Louise Serafini, Founder
      of Gramma's Gardens
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                The Beginning of Gramma's Gardens
The story of Gramma's Gardens began when my grandparents bought a few acres on Long Lake Road, in beautiful Troy Michigan. That was in the late 40s, when the city of Troy was a huge farming community. By the mid 50s my parents bought a house just a couple streets away from my grandparent's place. As I grew up, I always looked forward to spending the weekend at my grandparent's house. I would literally cut through the woods just to get there.
    My grandmother and grandfather loved gardening so much that they started a small business selling flowers, right on Long Lake road. The business was, and still is, called Gramma's Gardens. Although my grandfather was primarily a tile setter and a brick layer by trade, he yearned to grow vegetables and sell them from a stand. After being
disappointed by the lack of vegetable sales, my grandmother decided to help him by decorating the vegetable cart with flower arrangements. As people would drive by, they noticed the beautiful floral arrangements and wanted to purchase them. Well, the rest is history, as my grandparents decided that flowers were what they should have been growing and selling.
    In 1972, my grandfather passed away. My family helped my grandmother maintain the beautiful flower farm. From her, I learned everything there was to know about growing flowers - everything from planting and transplanting, to flower arrangements. Louise Serafini was her name, and everyone knew her quite well. My grandmother was always my idol.
    Here it is, the year 2015, and my grandmother has been gone for over 22 years, but I still carry on the traditi
on of  Gramma's Gardens. Every spring I set up the same, cute little flower cart that we've always had. Many people have been coming here to purchase flowers for over 55 years. I'll always have fond memories of this place. With its beautiful flowers, Gramma's Gardens will live, in Troy Michigan, forever.
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         Gramma's Gardens, Troy Michigan, in the 1951
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             Gramma's Gardens, Troy Michigan, Today
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