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    Available from April 1 - Oct 30

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Designed to reward our
loyal customers:
. $1 for each $10 spent
. Fill card with punches
. Free purchases !!
. No application needed
. Everyboby qualifies
. Many cards available
, Cards never expire
. What a deal !!

Home of the Famous
$7 Bouquet
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Where almost
every product
we sell is made
locally, in Mich,
or by our own
family & friends

Plant a Tree
and Save
the Planet!
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Learn to grow trees
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Trees are easy to plant
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A special gift of
growing a Tree
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We don't ship or deliver trees. Prices are listed below:
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       Grow the healthiest trees!
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Enjoy the tastiest apples!
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     Your home, your beautiful trees!
It's all
about the

See the nice selection
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 For perfect landscaping
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   Privacy fencing
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   Great seasonal color
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   Smells so good

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 Excellent for shade
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 Commercial landscaping
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   Plenty of trees available

Hanging Baskets


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Gramma's Gardens Nursery    (248) 689-1655
715 E. Long Lake Rd., Troy, Michigan 48085
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